About me

I am a long-term figure skating enthusiast: I started following the sport because of Robins Cousins at the 1980 Olympics. Have not looked back since. My professional life has been in research, in ancient studies and especially Classical Archaeology in Roman Italy. My background has recently started to take over my favorite hobby and I have started to collect and analyse figure skating data for fun. The inspiration for many of these research projects has been my all-time favorite figure skater, Javier Fernandez.

The blog contains categories for the main bits and pieces I have done. The main themes at the beginning will be the data and analysis of men’s quadrule jumps, skating careers, and Javier Fernandez. There are other themes I have been dabbling with, but more about them later.

I love numbers, data, and data analysis. I tend to be wordy, but people have described my texts as clear, so I hope you will have the energy to read and think and perhaps even comment! Additions and corrections to data collections are always welcome!

The title is in Latin because I also love all things ancient Roman. Fascinatio glaciei means ‘fascination of ice’. And that is a nod to one of favorite books about figure skating: Jään lumo (Tammi 2010) by Leena Lehtolainen, Elina Paasonen, and Kaisa Viitanen. It probably exists only in Finnish which is a pity because it could be a treasure for all figure skating fans. Almost worth learning Finnish to be able to read it.